Residential Cleaning

We understand the true meaning of “customer service.” Scentral cleaning services offers particular attention to all clients to ensure optimal service. Whether at work or at home, the overall cleanliness of the environment can affect your health and of those around you. This is why a careful and regular maintenance is necessary to ensure your well being and your peers.

Restore a fresh look to your carpets grace our high pressure steam equipment of industrial power without paying the price of such treatment.

Your upholstered furniture is made from different combinations of fibers. Thus, each fiber has different characteristics and responds differently to cleaning. For example, silk, wool, cotton, radius, acetate, linen, metal fibers, nylon, olefin and polyester are some examples of the most used.

Would you not like to get rid of all stains and odors such as deposits dust, the incrustation of tobacco odor, dust mites, animal dander, calcium, mud, food and mildew that haunt your vehicle?

Want to improve the air quality inside your home, reducing the amount of mold and allergen, significantly reduce dust, improve the flow of warm air from your heating system or ventilation and reduce your energy costs?

The mattresses are filled with toxins, allergens, and soil that lie beneath the surface of your bedding. Having your mattress cleaned by a professional can have a positive impact on your life given the fact that we spend one third of our lives on our mattress. Your mattress is making you sick and tired? It is time to get it cleaned.

Waxed floors can accumulate large amounts of wax that causes a yellowish discoloration that makes the floor unattractive. This wax buildup, combined with deep scratches, wear and abrasion, acts as a magnet and attracts more dirt.

Whatever the season, a grand household cleaning remains a long and laborious task as well as needed. For Scentral cleaning services, no contract is too big or too small. In fact, we pay special attention to all the details, stains and other debris to offer a service that exceeds your expectations.

Cleaning services Scentral specialize in all kind of types and models of windows. Equipped with a leading edge technology and biodegradable products that respect the animals, children and environment, we specialize in removing even the toughest stains!

Do you like having a clean house or office but you do not have time to clean? Scentral cleaning services understands the importance of your time and hourly load. That is why we offer our housekeeping services to keep your space beautiful, radiant and clean at all times.

When you want to renovate your home or your office, some tasks can be unpleasant for you, if the after cleanup is too demanding or demoralizing. Leave these tasks to professionals who can take care of these tasks with pleasure while you enjoy the time to relax.

When disaster strikes, we must act quickly to ensure your safety and prevent further damage.

Whatever the cause and extent of water damage, such as a water leak or flood, rapid drying of your home and your property is required. Upon appeal, everything is in place to offer you the best solution and thus minimize the damage. Upon receiving your calls, our specialists provide all instructions to follow until our arrival at the place.

Today’s modern home is loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier. If you are looking forward to clean your house to make it a healthier place, then consider a safe and non-toxic cleaning company – Scentral.

“Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.”