Vehicle Cleaning

Have you realized that we think more often to clean the outside of our vehicle then its interior?

Would you not like to get rid of all stains and odors such as deposits dust, the incrustation of tobacco odor, dust mites, animal dander, calcium, mud, food and mildew that haunt your vehicle?

Take your vehicle to cleaning Scentral for professional interior cleaning. Apart from getting rid of stubborn stains and odors, a professional interior cleaning will help preserve the value of your vehicle while providing the comfort of a new car.

Scentral cleaning vehicle services is exactly what you need to keep the inside of your car fragrant, clean and of a new vehicle appearance.

Our treatment for cars keeps seats, carpets, floor mats remarkably clean and protects against the dirt of all seasons.

Scentral cleaning services are equipped with the leading edge techniques that are designed to clean your vehicle stubborn stains, odor and harmful debris.

The value of your vehicle will increase after cleaning due to the absence of stains, marks or waste.

Our agents are trained and certified and are intended only to offer a service that exceeds your expectations along with the best price on the market.

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