Passover & Rosh Hashanah Specialized Cleaning

Holidays – A time for relaxing, meeting relatives and getting closer to loved ones. You want every moment to be perfect, and keeping the place clean and tidy is part of that moment. Unfortunately you will be missing on all the special moments if you are busy cleaning, don’t make this happy event a hectic one. We at Scentral understand the importance of holidays so if you find yourself juggling more responsibilities that you can handle, don’t worry, we are here to help with all the annoying work!

Guests come and go, kids are wilder than ever, you yourself are a bit care free, don’t worry enjoy holidays and let Scentral take care of the mess. Odd timings, limited window of work, unbearable mess, don’t worry we make sure to adjust to your timing and schedule.

Cleaning before guests are coming, after or during, we are at your service 24 hr. There’s an emergency clean up, big or small accident, don’t let it spoil the fun, just call Scentral, a team of professional, efficient and sophisticated workers. We understand the importance of cleanliness, especially when family comes over, we make sure to make everything tidy and shiny, clean all the unexpected areas where only family would think of looking. We also understand the laziness one feels once the holiday is over, and you don’t want to finish your holidays with a boring family clean up. We make sure we make your place feel like home again, and keep only the positive memories of the holidays.

We at Scentral only use green products (bio degradable and anti toxic products), a very important aspect to have when many guests are coming, and you don’t know if someone has health problem. Our products respect the children, animals and the environment. Our experts are equipped with the best technologies in the market. We can easily access high ceilings and corners that are hard to reach.

We offer a personalized service, according to your demands and expectations. Our dedicated experts listen and aim all your needs, from the tiniest to the biggest, and have for sole purpose your satisfaction. At Scentral, we offer our undivided attention to all contracts, no matter how big or how small they might be.

Our cleaning services include:

Formal Living, Dining & Family Room Areas

Dust furniture
Vacuum carpets
Clean under couch cushions
Dust light fixtures, lamp shades and artwork
Dust exposed heat registers and baseboards
Dust windowsills
Patio doors inside & out

Kitchen and Laundry Room

Clean countertops
Clean small kitchen appliances
Microwave inside and out
Stove exterior & inside oven window
Refrigerator exterior, rubber seals & air vents
Cabinet exteriors
Dishwasher & trash compactor exteriors
Sink, faucet & drain
Inside window over sink
Dust window sills
Vacuum and mop floors
Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards

Bedrooms & Office Areas

Dust furniture
Vacuum carpets
Linens: change or straighten
Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards
Dust light fixtures, lampshades & artwork

Master Bath, Half Bath and Hallway Bath

Tub/shower stall
Commode inside & out
Lights, mirror & counter
Clean cabinet exteriors
Paper holder/towel racks
Vacuum & mop floors & rugs
Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards
Entry, Exit, Stairwell, Hallway and much more!

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