Painting & Renovations

Scentral cleaning services offer residential and commercial painting and renovation services.

Scentral guarantees a work of professional quality at affordable prices, with entrusted painters and carpenters who can work quickly and efficiently. Our assessments are free and we respect the budgets and timelines relating to the work.

Scentral offers several services such as painting and renovation, sanding and stripping, interior painting and decorating work, renovation of all types of wood, restoration, installation, sanding and planning of solid floors, restoration windows and ancestral coatings, cleaning the exterior facades of the buildings, the recent restoration coatings, laying laminate flooring, renovations of all kinds, the complete renovation of the ancestral homes fully respecting the original configuration and much more!

All types of contracts are accepted. This approach ensures that regardless of the type of work you have to trust us, we will live up to your expectations and within your budget no matter whether it is small or large work for all contracts deserve our undivided attention.

Whether you have a single office or a multi-storey edifice, paint or renovation, contact Scentral for a free estimation and the best price in the country!