Mattress Cleaning

The mattresses are filled with toxins, allergens, and soil that lies beneath the surface of your bedding. Having your mattress cleaned by a professional can have a positive impact on your life given the fact that we spend one third of our lives on our mattress. Your mattress making you sick and tired? It is time to get it cleaned.

Scentral cleaning servicess offer their cleaning servicesfor your mattresses. Giving a new look to your mattress means getting rid of mites, dead skin cells and other allergens and pests that live in your bed. Our cleaning method consists of removing the surface dust with a vacuum filter. Then there is deep penetration in your mattress with an industrial cleaning quality equipment . The boiler emits dries steam and instantly destroys all micro-organisms at the surface. In addition, we carefully extract your mattresses from all remaining cells with a filter machine of industrial power. Finally, we spray the surface with a natural and anti-allergen in order to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms. Your mattress will have a new look, a fresh smell and a clean apperance. Not only do we offer a service that exceeds your expectation along with the best price in the market, but we also offer saticfaction guarantee or money back Call today for doing business with us!