Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Your sofa or upholstered furniture is made from different combinations of fibers. Thus, each fiber has different characteristics and responds differently to cleaning. For example , silk , wool , cotton , radius, acetate , linen , metal fibers , nylon , olefin and polyester are some examples of the most used.

Like so many things in your house, every piece of furniture unique and requires special care. That is why when it comes time to clean your upholstered or upholstered furniture, you must rely on Scentral as our experts are fully trained in cleaning . At Scentral cleaning services , we attach a particular importance to the type of fiber to provide a cleaning service that meets your needs and expectations. Because upholstered furniture requires an accurate inspection of the equipment to be cleaned, all our experts are trained and certified and thus we can guarantee your satisfaction. Every furniture is carefully inspected prior to cleaning. During the inspection we decide what cleaning method will be used , depending on the type of material and degree of soiling . Our large range of cleaning solutions ensures flawless results and guarantees your satisfaction every time. Scentral cleaning services specializes in all kinds of furniture cleaning . In addition, we only use non- toxic products , safe for children, pets and the environment. When you call or go online to arrange your appointment for cleaning, you will benefit from many years of experience in cleaning furniture. Our technicians are specialized in many difficult -to-clean materials , including jacquard , velvet and Haitian cotton. Before beginning, our cleaning specialists carefully examine the fabric and construction of each piece before selecting the cleaning method best suited to the material, to ensure that your furniture will receive the specialized care they require . Call us today for a free estimation and we will give you an unbeatable price! To try us is to adopt us!