Floor Waxing

Waxed floors can accumulate large amounts of wax that causes a yellowish discoloration that makes the floor unattractive. This wax buildup, combined with deep scratches, wear and abrasion, acts as a magnet and attracts more dirt.

However, a well-polished and waxed floor can be easily cleaned and maintained. Indeed, it is recommended to avoid the use of the brush to remove dirt from industrial floors because the scan raises dust and particles that settle on furniture, keyboards and computer screens and are then inhaled by employees. Dust also acts as a source of bacteria that can contaminate many areas of your building.

Scentrale cleaning services has all the tools necessary to restore beauty to your floor. In addition, Scentrale only uses ecological detergents floor for a healthy work environment.

A well-waxed and polished floorboards provides effective protection against surface scratches, which is an important investment for your home or business. A well-waxed floor improves hygiene and safety of your environement. Indeed, a well-waxed and polished floorboard provides a smooth non-stick surface on which it is more difficult for dirt to adhere, thus, it becomes easier and faster to clean and maintain and new-looking appearance. Finally, a waxed floor improves the look of your living space. Everyone likes a clean and shiny floor. A beautiful floor gives us even a sense of confidence and well-being, which is of paramount importance in many areas such as health, child care, personal care, restaurants and cafes and showrooms or simply your home.

Scentrale cleaning services are the most recommended in the country thanks to our impeccable work at the very best price on the market. Our wide variety of products can meet all kinds of materials which your floors are made of. In addition, our products comply with animals, children and the environment.

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