Environmental Solutions

Today’s modern home is loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier. If you are looking forward to clean your house to make it a healthier place, then consider a safe and non-toxic cleaning company – Scentral. We at Scentral, we do cleaning to make this world a better place today and the best place tomorrow, and the first place to start is from home. We only use anti toxic and biodegradble products, no comprimise on this level. Although the cost of these non-toxic are high, our cleaning cost still remains the most affordable. You are always in contact with all items of your home; carpet, furniture, mattress, walls and ceiling, it is very important to use products that are harmless to you and your household. Even items such as windows and air ducts, that are less in contact are also very important to clean with anti-toxic and biodegradable products, since they take care of the house air circulation. This products are very important to use when one has young children, especially new born kids, seniors with heart problems are also very sensative to toxic products. If you have pets, then also you should consider anti toxic and bio degradable products. Bottom line is that if you need clean up, then choose the best service, best products and best best price ….Scentral