We understand the true meaning of “customer service.” Scentral cleaning services offers particular attention to all clients to ensure optimal service.

Your workplace says a lot about your company and your business premises will leave visitors with a positive impression on the first visit and even during subsequent visits. Whether your office is spread over several floors or thousands of square feet, that you are a local retail, or you have a waiting area requiring special attention, regular visits from Scentral can have a positive influence on your workplace, improving your relationships with your customers, your employees, and your superiors.

Entrust duct cleaning, exchangers and air dryers to Scentral cleaning services. Air duct cleaning is a service increasingly in demand for residential and commercial buildings. It is not difficult to realize that one breathes better in a well maintained area then in a dusty place. It is reassuring to know that the air you breathe circulates in well clean air ducts, cleaned by reputable and conscientious experts.

Scentral cleaning services offer maintenance cleaning service of any type: commercial Cleaning , industrial and residential cleaning. Our mission is to meet your requirements and standards as efficiently as possible.

When disaster strikes, we must act quickly to ensure your safety and prevent further damage.

Whatever the cause and extent of water damage is, such as a water leak or flood, rapid drying of your home and your property is required. Once you call Scentral cleaning services, everything is in place to offer you the best solution and thus minimize the damage.

Today’s technology, coupled with the expertise of Scentral cleaning services allows complete drainage of the structures that have suffered water damage without resorting to demolition. Our rigorous protocol eliminates any water or moisture on the surface and at depth.

Scentral cleaning services are the best equipped in Canada to respond quickly and effectively to the needs caused by fire. From start to finish, Scentral take care of you!

Areas of heavy foot traffic in your business tend to accumulate large amounts of dirt and can damage a waxed floor. The floors, regardless of the material they are made, are generally durable and resistant, but must be maintained and adequately protected in order to preserve their appearance.

Our pace of life has never been so fast. Companies are looking for solutions that improve the lives of their employees and their customers, in order to preserve their well -being and retention. In this spirit, concierge services business is greatly appreciated.

Carpets and furniture are an important investment in your business and regular cleanings are necessary to always give them fresh air. In fact, since it is hidden in the carpet fibers and deteriorates, it is the dirt and not foot traffic, which contributes most to premature damage to carpets and furniture. Regular cleaning of carpets and furniture are so important that most manufacturers require them to maintain their warranty.

Your upholstered furniture is made from different fibers, often in combination – each fiber having different characteristics responds differently to cleaning. Silk, wool, cotton, radius, acetate, linen, metal fibers, nylon, olefin and polyester are some examples of the most used.

Scentral offers several services such as painting and renovation, sanding and stripping, interior painting and decorating work, renovation of all types of wood, restoration, installation, sanding and planning of solid floors, restoration windows and ancestral coatings, cleaning the exterior facades of the buildings, the recent restoration coatings, laying laminate flooring, renovations of all kinds, the complete renovation of the ancestral homes fully respecting the original configuration and much more!

What’s more important for a company then its image? The vehicles identified in a company are among the first customer contacts with your customers, a well-maintained vehicle inspires confidence.

Whatever the cause and extent of water damage, such as a water leak or flood, rapid drying of your home and your property is required. Upon appeal, everything is in place to offer you the best solution and thus minimize the damage. Upon receiving your calls, our specialists provide all instructions to follow until our arrival at the place.

Cleaning services Scentral specialize in all kind of types and models of windows. Equipped with a leading edge technology and biodegradable products that respect the animals, children and environment, we specialize in removing even the toughest stains!

We offer the best service along with the best price on the market.
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