Water Removal Services

Whatever the cause and extent of water damage, such as a water leak or flood, rapid drying of your home and your property is required. Upon appeal, everything is in place to offer you the best solution and thus minimize the damage. Upon receiving your calls, our specialists provide all instructions to follow until our arrival at the place.

The quality of our interventions during disaster helps you find as soon as possible a healthy living environment, free from mold and bacteria that can cause health problems.

Scentral offers a full range of cleaning services after water damage such as the accurate detection of the affected areas and materials, including the use of thermography, which literally allows us to see behind walls, under floors and above ceilings, specialized drying (drying structures and materials without tearing when the damage is caused by the light or gray water), neutralizing airborne odors or embedded in your property, the restoration of documents damaged by a liquid or moisture, cleaning carpets, fabrics and delicate surfaces, dry cleaning and washing clothes, renovating and much more.

Scentral also offers moving and temporary storage of your property.

In case of water damage, most often, the victims are protected by adequate insurance coverage. In such a situation, Scentral fixes financial matters relating to its intervention directly with the insurer. Thus, from the beginning to the end, we are working to simplify your life and erase all traces of the disaster.

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