Janitorial Services

Changing lifestyles led people to look for new ways to improve their quality of life. These new aspirations have opened a new market, and Scentral cleaning services offer bright ideas to help you in your everyday life.

Our pace of life has never been so fast. Companies are looking for solutions that improve the lives of their employees and their customers, in order to preserve their well -being and retention. In this spirit, concierge services businesses are greatly appreciated.

Scentral cleaning services offer concierge services upon request. Weather it is to organize a dinner in an unusual place , deliver a camcorder at the hotel , get a visa urgently, submit the car to the garage , find a plumber or to wash clothes without leaving the office … Scentral concierge services company meets all needs, from simple to complex , whatever time it takes.

Scentral offers you the choice between a janitor working in the company, a janitor contacted by phone or virtual concierge on a special web portal. Because you spend less energy and are less stressed, you can focus on your work and let us handle your stress. For the company, this translates into increased productivity and increased staff satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are the best promoters of the company. Our concierge services are also available for organizations wishing to benefit their customers. In response to an individual in need or a loyalty campaign, these services provide a real competitive advantage.

As the caretaker of a luxury hotel, we will find solutions to all problems of practical life, to improve care and quality of your time, your comfort and safety, with the greatest discretion.

Open 24h/24, 7/7, throughout the year, we grant all the wishes of our members, the last-minute request to the most unusual request.

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