Floor Waxing & Stripping

Scentral cleaning services offer to wax your floor to restore its original appearance!

Areas of heavy foot traffic in your business tend to accumulate large amounts of dirt and can damage a waxed floor. The floors, regardless of the material they are made, are generally durable and resistant, but must be maintained and adequately protected in order to preserve their appearance.

Scentral cleaning services offer their service of waxing. A good floor cleaning increases the floor’s life and maintains a good appearance. We use the best technology present on the market without making you pay the price of such treatment. We guarantee the best service and price on the market!

Our professionals remove the old wax with a stripper, odorless and environmentally friendly on a wide range of surfaces. This also removes any dirt present on the floor. The surface is then ready for a new polish. Your waxed floor will also be easier to clean.

All our employees are trained and certified and have for sole mission to offer a service that exceeds your expectations. We guarantee satisfaction or your money back.

Whatever type of business you operate, Scentral cleaning services offer a cleaning service that fits your needs, your budget and all types of environments. Each contract deserves our attention without compromise.

Trust Scentral for the maintenance of your floors.

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