Emergency 24H Cleaning Services

When disaster strikes, we must act quickly to ensure your safety and prevent further damage.

With the size of our network and our resources, human and material, Scentral is the company best positioned in Canada to meet immediately to your emergency call, no matter the time or day.

Most of your property can be repaired or replaced. When a disaster occurs, do not put your life at risk to save an object and beware of your immediate environment. For example, it is important to remember that water and electricity do not mix … In case of water damage, it could save your life.

In case of disaster, when intervening quickly, you can generally limit the damage. By contacting Scentral first, you will immediately get the help and services that are required for the situation. Then, because we have the experience to do so, we will contact your insurer and we will deal directly with the technical and administrative details concerning our involvement. In this way, Scentral’s customers are doubly relieved!

Whatever the nature of the damage, cleaning services Scentral are your benchmark for disaster cleanup.

Companies Scentral mastered specialized drying (drying structures and materials without tearing), neutralizing airborne odors that may be encrusted in your property, the restoration of damaged documents by a liquid, moisture or smoke, cleaning carpets, fabrics and delicate surfaces, dry cleaning and washing clothes and fabrics and renovation.

Scentral cleaning services also offer moving and temporary storage of your property.

Cleaning up after water damage

Whatever the cause and extent of water damage is, such as a water leak or flood, rapid drying of your home and your property is required. Once you call Scentral cleaning services, everything is in place to offer you the best solution and thus minimize the damage.

The quality of our interventions in case of disaster helps you find as soon as possible a healthy and comfortable living environment, free from mold and bacteria that can cause health problems.

Dry without demolishing

Today’s technology, coupled with the expertise of Scentral cleaning services allows complete drainage of the structures that have suffered water damage without resorting to demolition. Our rigorous protocol eliminates any water or moisture on the surface and at depth.

Cleaning up after fire

Scentral cleaning services are the best equipped in Canada to respond quickly and effectively to the needs caused by fire. From start to finish, Scentral take care of you!

Scentral takes care of you!

• The packing, cleaning and storage of your property;

• Drying and dehumidifying affected areas;

• Assessment of damage caused by the damages or flooding;

• Disinfection of the premises;

• The elimination of odors, bacteria, fungi and prevention;

• Complete restoration of the property

• With over 30 years’ experience in the field, Scentral is now the most recommended disaster cleaning service in Canada.

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