Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets and furniture are an important investment in your business and regular cleanings are necessary to always give them fresh air. In fact, since it is hidden in the carpet fibers and deteriorates, it is the dirt and not foot traffic, which contributes most to premature damage to carpets and furniture. Regular cleaning of carpets and furniture are so important that most manufacturers require them to maintain their warranty.

Scentral cleaning services invites you to clean your carpets and furniture at the same time. Scentral cleans perfectly any fabric or leather such as chairs, benches, office partitions and more. Carpet cleaning and furniture, a winning formula in both time and price! No one cleans carpets more thoroughly than Scentral. We use the most advanced and most powerful cleaning systeme that is in trade. This system provides unparalleled power of steam cleaning and vacuum thoroughly to remove any dirt and restore the new look of your carpet and furniture. Scentral cleaning services offers its maintenance and cleaning of carpets of any kind, color and material. We collect your carpet directly from your business, at the hours and days that suit you, we evaluate the work to be done and after the refurbishment, we bring them back to you in perfect time! Our process not cleans at the surface, it literally breaks down stains. The result is a carpet and furniture cleaning in depth. Even stubborn stains will not resist! Ask about our stain protective treatment when cleaning carpets and upholstery. When carpets and furniture are freshly cleaned, we apply our free protective treatment that penetrates deep freshly cleaned fibers, giving an optimal stain protection and maintaining the duration of life. We can also apply our protective treatment on your carpet and new furniture. Call us today for a free estimate!