Air Duct, Dryer & Air Exchanger Cleaning

Entrust duct cleaning, exchangers and air dryers to Scentral cleaning services. Air duct cleaning is a service increasingly in demand for residential and commercial buildings. It is not difficult to realize that one breathes better in a well maintained area then in a dusty place. It is reassuring to know that the air you breathe circulates in well clean air ducts, cleaned by reputable and conscientious experts.

Scentral cleaning services offer a personalized service, each contract, regardless of size or degree of cleaning deserves our full attention to detail and quality.

Using modern equipment like HEPA vacuum – AireMC and Aire- Sweep ™ compressor, we can remove harmful contaminants with a minimum of noise and disruption in the activities of your buisness. Our exclusive system dislodges pollutants from air ducts then aspires in an airtight device so effective, that it is capable of capturing impurities of the order of 1/300th; the diameter of a human hair. This method of elimination at source is recognized as the most important discovery, in these past 30 years, in terms of air duct cleaning.

To clean your ducts , dryer and air exchangers , Scentral uses the best technique and products to offer a service that exceeds your expectations , all while offering you the best price on the market. To maintain the results, we disinfections for free places we clean.

All our technicians are certified and are dedicated to provide you with the best quality work.

We offer a guarantee satisfaction or money back!