“Satisfaction guarantee or your money back.” Does this slogan seems familiar? This slogan was Canada’s favorite store for over 125 years. Our Scentral’s team was once part of the domestic cleaning division at Eaton. We understand the true meaning of “customer service.” Scentral cleaning services offers particular attention to all clients to ensure optimal service. Their unfortunate loss across Canada resulted in the creation of Scentral in 1999. We know what to do to make our customers happy and keep them satisfied. This is why we do our work as it should be done, and this right from the first time. If you’re not satisfied, we will correct the problem right away. Cleaning products Our business continues to grow through referrals and mouth-to-ear from our previous satisfied customers. Business is business. This, to us, is clear and simple: people want value for their money when they pay for a given service. At Scentral we understand this perfectly and strive to meet your expectations in order to satisfy you.